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Nutritive sweeteners


Dextrose — Anhydrous & Monohydrate
Cerelose® Dextrose is the monohydrate form of dextrose, perfect for a wide variety of applications. It has a cool, mild sweetness to enhance flavor and a high reducing capacity to support browning. It is 100% fermentable, provides high osmolality and is available in standard, fine, and coarse grades, as well as in liquid form. Coarse grade NF is also available for pharmaceutical tablet applications.
Cerelose® Anhydrous Dextrose is a high purity product with very low total moisture. It is the best choice for water-sensitive systems such as chocolate. USP-grade is available for pharmaceutical applications that demand higher purity and cGMP standards.
Unidex® and Royal T® Dextrose are agglomerated dextrose products designed with increased particle size and outstanding flowability. Both are directly compressible, with enhanced binding properties, making them well suited for use in tableting.
Maltodextrins and Corn Syrup Solids
Globe® and Amidex™ Maltodextrins and Corn Syrup Solids provide unsurpassed quality, consistency, and purity in a D.E. range of 10 to 55. Functionalities include browning, osmolality and freezing-point depression.
Globe® Plus Ultra-Lite Maltodextrin has very low bulk density, giving it excellent dispersion properties. It is designed for use in spoon-for-spoon, low-calorie sweeteners.
High Fructose Corn Syrups
Invertose® High Fructose Corn Syrup is a versatile nutritive sweetening ingredient. It offers a clean, intense sweetness replacing sugar in soft drinks and fruit juices. It is highly fermentable, low in viscosity and available in several different fructose levels.
Corn Syrups
Globe®, Casco™ and Enzose® Corn Syrups are produced with the highest purity and quality. Available in a range of D.E.s, these products provide sweetness, body, crystallization control, and humectancy in applications from confectionery to baked goods to processed foods.
High Maltose Corn Syrups
Enzose® and Mor-Sweet® High Maltose Corn Syrups are used as an adjunct in brewing operations. For confectionery products, they are valued for their ability to produce hard candies with superb color stability and processing ease.
Sweetener Systems
Invertose® and Sucrodex® syrups are blends of sweeteners that provide body and mouth feel with just the right sweetness.
SweetDex™ alternative sweetener is a unique combination of dextrose and high-intensity sweetener that forms a complete, low-calorie tabletop product. It is a uniform system that offers excellent flow properties, product consistency, low dusting, and minimal handling requirements.
Polidex® MD/MDA is a dextrose-based powder topping blend for cookies and donuts. The combination of ingredients is designed to reduce oil migration — thus extending the shelf life of finished products.