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Reduce/replace sugar naturally - ENLITEN® stevia



Enliten® high intensity sweetener is a naturally-based low-calorie sweetener obtained from the plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, commonly known as stevia.
What is Stevia?
Stevia is a small shrub originally found in Paraguay and has been used for centuries by native Indians to sweeten their tea.
The stevia leaves contain a number of sweet components, called steviol glycosides, each with a particular taste profile and sweetness intensity.
Most stevia products found on the market today are rich in the most abundant component, called stevioside, that is often associated with a bitter and licorice taste.
Not all Stevia plants are created equal
More than 30 years of plant selection and breeding led to the development of the unique plant variety and production system from which Enliten® is obtained.
This patented strain contains very high levels of the best tasting component, known as Rebaudioside A, which offers a clean, sucrose-like taste profile, unlike the unpleasant aftertaste associated with other stevia products.
Ingredion Incorporated is a proud member of the International Stevia Council

 Why choose

Experience the Difference of Surprising Performance
Enliten® is more than a naturally based sweetener that can make great tasting products without adding calories. It is also highly soluble and stable, even under extreme processing conditions.
Enliten® is extracted from stevia plant leaves without undergoing any chemical modification, and it contains no artificial additives.
Does not Contribute to Caloric Content
Enliten® is about 300 times sweeter than sugar. At the inclusion levels necessary to impart the desired sweetness, it does not add calories to the formulation.
Great taste
Enliten® has a clean taste with a balanced quality of sweetness, unlike the strong bitterness and licorice taste associated with other stevia products.
In addition, Ingredion expertise in formulating with this ingredient enables us to develop taste enhancement solutions for different types of foods and beverages.
Enhancing Effect with Other Sweeteners
Both the sweetness profile and intensity of Enliten® are enhanced when used in conjunction with other sweeteners, including sucrose, erythritol, high fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose. This allows for a reduction in the amount of sweeteners used and an optimized sensory performance.
Superior Solubility
Enliten® is highly soluble, especially in comparison with most artificial sweeteners.
Highly Stable in Heat and Acid
Enliten® withstands high temperature treatments, including pasteurization, UHT, cooking and baking, even in low pH systems. Therefore, it can be used in virtually any food or beverage system, maintaining its integral properties throughout the processing stages and product shelf-life.
Enliten® does not promote cavities.
Consistent Quality and Supply Reliability
Ingredion develops the agriculture of this patented seed in both hemispheres in order to guarantee an optimal supply in all growing seasons. The company’s strict standards and attention to quality that starts in the plant cultivation are present through all production steps to achieve reliability in the supply, quality and safety of Enliten®.
Indulge consumers’ sweet tooth with few calories and a lot of pleasure.
Ingredion has combined the best of its DIAL-IN(R)  Sweetness and Texture Technologies to create new DOLCERRA(TM) sweetness and texture systems for reducing sugar in fruit juices, while maintaining consumer appeal. Read more.
Ingredion Incorporated is a proud member of the International Stevia Council

 Formulating with

Whether you choose to develop a new product or to replace the artificial sweetener in an existing line, Enliten® will exceed your expectations.
The unique value proposition of Enliten® makes it ideal for use in virtually any food or beverage application.
Enliten® opens possibilities for successful low calorie products that will appeal not only to “green” consumers, but to anyone looking for healthy choices.
With child obesity rates on the rise, Enliten® might help create a new market space for sugar free products designed for children.
Ingredion offers Enliten® around the world, with local support to meet specific formulation and taste needs.
Potential products sweetened with Enliten® include:
Dairy Products
Dairy Desserts
Flavored Milk Drinks
Ice Cream & Sorbets
Carbonated Soft Drinks
Sport Drinks
Ice Tea
Powder Mix Drinks
Baked Goods
Cakes and Pastries
Chewing Gum
Hard and Soft candy
Gum & Jellies
Breakfast Cereals
Jams and Fruit Preserves
Tabletop Sweeteners
Nutritional Supplements
Slimming Products
Ingredion Incorporated is a proud member of the International Stevia Council